Comfortable and Furious

Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States?

The relationship between Donald Trump and his ardent supporters reminds me of that great classic TV show, Amos & Andy. Kingfish is Trump and he is always very convincing and compelling to Andy. Andy represents all of Trump’s die-hard sycophant and supporters, loyal to the end.

No matter how outrageous the scheme is, or how many times Andy has fallen for similar schemes, Kingfish has no trouble in convincing Andy to take the bait yet again. Kingfish validates and supports Andy’s dreams for the financial score or the woman of his dreams. The lies of Kingfish are believed, because Andy wants them to be true. Andy wants the quick fix, the Secret Santa to be delivered to him with a minimum of effort.

Trump has validated the racism and grudges that a segment of white America has held since The Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action. White America has seen their control of other human beings slip away, and their myths of superiority disappear with the accomplishments of brown and black people. Obama was the last straw as these racists continued to seethe and stew at the impossible reality that a black man was occupying The White House.

Then came Donald Trump and his pseudo-populist spiel. He was not a politician. He was an outsider who promised to ‘drain the swamp’. Trump successfully harvested the racism of the masses and the greed of corporate America with his delivered promise of big tax cuts.

We all know what happened. The lies got bigger and because the lies and criminal activity were out in the open, Americans became de-sensitized to the corruption of the worst administration in American history. Trump was over his head in greed and incompetence, continually doubling down with his lies and broken promises.

In the bitter end, this sociopath encouraged outright sedition and the over-throw of our system of government. Unbelievable! But it happened right before our eyes, and with the accomplice of many of our elected officials.

Trump remains popular because he validated and encouraged the base instinct of the worst of our citizens for his own political and financial gain. Americans should be very ashamed of what has happened. Our own racism and vanity has weakened us as a nation. We have only ourselves to blame.

We now have less than 60 hours to endure the worst President that The United States has ever elected. No one will be safe until this sociopath is off the grounds of The White House and his Constitutional powers extinguished by the inauguration of a new President. It has been a long and excruciating four years. Racism must be stamped out, once and for all if our nation is to survive. This is the issue that is haunting our Republic.



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