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A Meowy Halloween

This is the only thing that brought a smile to my face after I reviewed this atrocity. Apparently, this rat with the annoying gangster accent, died. Good fucking riddance.

After reviewing the abomination A Meowy Christmas, which is the worst Christmas Movie ever made, I thought I had seen the worst of Steve Rudzinski’s horribly amateurish movies. But no, I also endured (Why?) A Meowy Christmas Vacation and Amityville Christmas Vacation. I’ve been putting this one off for 5 years now, but here it is, the cat and rat are back, in A Meowy Halloween.

Let’s just cut to the quick on this one. The only thing good about this “movie” is that it was mercifully only 48 minutes long, but it seemed much, much longer. It was an amateurish effort, even for “I will be making a formal complaint” Rudzinski, complete with the very annoying shaking camera. The highlight of this mess was the talking cat Whiskers watching a VHS tape of the idiot Rudzinski scraping gum off the bottom of his tennis shoe. 

You might not believe this, but there is an excruciating scene of Detective Wally Griswold (Rudzinski) sitting in a car with his moron sidekick Rick, actually eating candy corn and spitting it out the window. While still chewing on the horrid mess of CC, he stakes out and stalks a suspected Hansel & Gretel house, battling branches and lawn chairs on the deck, and twitching uncontrollably as the camera shakes. It was a Dramamine moment, for sure, and not a good one. 

Thank the Fuck Goat this movie was streamed on Freevee, with Geico ads, which were exponentially more watchable than this unfunny disaster masquerading as a short film. The rest of the film consisted of repeated scenes of Griswold sitting in his unmarked car with Rick and then stalking a fat girl in an orange dress, suspected of being a witch, because she makes Halloween costumes for kids, and adults.

Even for the low bar of Rudzinski movies, this one was beyond terrible.

Zero/10.0 With the Goatesians rating of another stupid film from Steve Rudzinski







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