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A Meowy Christmas (2017)

I think I’ve finally reached the bottom of the pile, the very worst Christmas Movie imaginable. I present, A Meowy Christmas (2017). This movie is about two animals, Ms. Whiskers and Chuckie, and their owner, an incompetent Detective Wally Griswold. These animals are a cat and a mouse whose mouths do not move and there is only very shrill and annoying talk-over. Plus, the cat voice makes infinite lousy cat puns. I’m going to try to put about as much effort into this review as Stephen Rudzinski put into this horrible film. It will be hard because the bar is very low. The budget was a whopping $1000, and boy howdy does it ever show.

The cat watches conspiracy videos all day and is convinced that Santa has been captured by aliens. At the same time 2 burglars have been hitting houses in the area and stealing valuables, and yes, Christmas Presents! Santa must be saved! Christmas must be saved! It’s up to the two voice-overed animals in the inside and a bumbling Detective Wally Griswold on the outside to save the day.

I will be honest, I had to force myself to watch all of this movie. At first, I just skipped around and got the basics and the ending. Of course Christmas is saved and the burglars foiled by Chuckie and Ms. Whiskers. Detective Griswold is exonerated. This miserable film tried to pay homage to Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther, Home Alone, and Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (Being a horrible, unwatchable film).

Do not watch this movie unless you are suicidal and do not want to be deterred. Chances are good, however, you won’t be able to find it anywhere but free on Amazon Prime or Sockshare. I know that the maker of this disaster made no pretense about this being anything but horrible, but this was about the most unnecessary vanity project ever.

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