Comfortable and Furious

The One Hit Wonders of 80s Action

We know all about JCVD, Arnold, Bronson and Seagal and the other icons of 80s Action cinema. Like, we dig through their trash and hack their e-mails. But even the greatest men of our time cannot carry films by themselves. Sometimes a the right sidekick, foil or General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union can make a scene we remember 20 years later. 

rodriguez death wish 3 movie graphic still

death wish carol kersey graphic image one  hit wonders of 80s actioon

rocky 4 iv gorby gorbachev image still move 80s action

Charlotte Chong Assassination Jan Gan Boyd action Bronson


ronnie barron above the law index scene movie seagal 80s action fight

Brandon Lee Showdown in little tokyo gay 80s action movies film

cyborg jcvd movie image graphic character 80s action