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Tennessee v. Alabama Football: Battle of the Bubba Gumps Edition

Deep in The South of The United States, not much is more important in the Fall than College Football. Real football, not that sissified Kickball played by the rest of the world. In two of the most fervently Redneck States in the nation, the third weekend in October is quite special. It is the battle of the ages, the battle of the Bubba Gumps, the Tennessee Vols vs. the hated Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Once a glorious and competitive rivalry, the 21st Century has not been kind to the Rocky Toppers. They have run through 8 football head coaches and compiled a record of 6-18 against Bama, with most losses very lopsided. Tennessee went on a stretch from 2007-2022 without winning a single game against the Crimson Tide. In 2022, they finally won and the fans went berserk, storming the field and the fraternity apes and other Bubbas tore down the goalposts and wrecked the field. 

Ah, those Tennessee football fans. They are loyally rabid to their last tooth, and last thrown on the field oranges and loaded water bottles. They have never met a UT head coach that they didn’t want to fire, even after somehow winning a national championship in 1998. For the Vol fans, their lack of graciousness in winning is only eclipsed by their cacophony of whining when they lose, and to Alabama, this is an almost yearly ritual. 

Yesterday, on October 21, 2023 Tennessee played Alabama again, and for a half it looked like the Rocky Tops would pull off the upset against a Bama team that lacked the talent of the past few years. It didn’t happen. The UT Vols got beat solidly by Alabama, 34-20. The Volunteers were totally impotent in the 2nd half. I visited the VolsNation Fan Forum and it was the predictable whining about the officiating. Like I’ve pointed out many times in the past, the Tennessee fans are the worst in the nation. Blaming the refs is the lamest of all excuses. Sure, they make mistakes, on both sides, it is just part of the game. UT scored ZERO points in the second half, while Bama scored 27. Yeah, blame the refs, whiners, a time-honored tradition that we hear from Knoxville every year. 

Misinformation is being widely spread, and believed in the VolsNation Forum, including the lie that one of the officials is a Real Estate Broker in Tuscaloosa, when in reality he is a financial advisor who lives in Tampa, Florida. There are calls for an NCAA and even a Congressional investigation into the officiating, and claims that the Mafia is involved. Some forum morons even seriously suggested that Tennessee should drop Alabama from their schedule. Yeah, thatal getter dun, and stop the bleeding for sure.

Tennesse has the worst and most obnoxious fans in the nation, always blaming something else other than their inept coaches and unmotivated and undisciplined players for their failures. The officials did not totally come out flat and lose their composure in the second half. The officials did not fumble deep in their own territory, allowing an easy Bama defensive touchdown. The officials did not make ridiculous coaching decisions like squandering Milton’s strong arm on short passes, or dumb gambles on 4th down. The officials did not get out-played, out hustled and outscored 27-0 in the second half.

So just, “Boo-Hoo” to Tennessee for yet another loss to Alabama. Just continue to whine and to fantasize about your team being an elite college football program. It is not now, has never been, and will most likely never be. Deal with it.

Favorite Quotes From VolNation Forum:

“It’s not Saban and the refs you have to beat. It’s Saban, ref, and the mob (mafia). I’m serious.”Aaronvol (well known member)

“I really feel like Vol fans should not travel to Tuscaloosa the next time we play there. Don’t spend money on game tickets, hotel and gas for a game that refs are going to ruin. The Vol fans that went there for this last game should be paid back every penny they spent by the University of Alabama” -VolFan574 (well known member)

And, threats of violence toward the officials.

We will take care of it” and nothing happens. How long till these coaches take matters in their own hands and it becomes unsafe for the crooked refs to be in the game. Getting absolutely obliterated by walk-ons. You dont wanna call a fair game? fine. you wont be here to call it then. Not saying i want to see that happen, but honestly i wouldn’t lose sleep over seeing it happen either.Armo (well known member)






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