Ooga Booga

If D.W. Griffith had lived to make CHILD’S PLAY…

Skymall’s Top 20 Worst Products

L.Ron Mexico reviews some of most outlandish products Skymall sells.

A Good Day to Die Hard Review

Remember when action movies featuring father and son teams used to not suck? Me neither.

Pictures From The Protests in Turkey

A first hand report on the anti-american commumuslim threat from the swarthy hordes.

The Purge

Owing a heavy debt to the action satire of John Carpenter’s golden decade, The Purge depicts a post-revolutionary America in 2022.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

Nancy Drew is tired of your shit.

Beautiful Creatures (2013) Review

What the fuck happened to Jeremy Irons?

The Naked Kiss: Movie Review

And a ten-dollar hooker shall lead them.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond is pursued by anonymous thugs. His service weapon is stolen. The crane depot has a midget custodian. Bond ruins a calendar.

Mud: Movie Review

The mark of maturity is the realization that everyone has a moment to lie, but also that the moment of deceit is not necessarily the mark of constant dishonesty.