Comfortable and Furious

The Christmas Chronicles 2

I got the notification yesterday that The Christmas Chronicles 2 was available for immediate streaming at Netflix. I didn’t know whether or not to rejoice or cringe. I don’t want to poison the well, but let’s face it. Christmas sequels have not historically been successful. Most, like Bad Santa 2 and the unwatchable A Christmas Story 2 have been disasters.

O.K., I’ve watched 5 minutes and am ready to jump in front of a speeding bus. And, as I move deeper into this movie, I don’t know if even the great Kurt Russell can save this thing. It is quite visually stunning, but so is a poke in the eye with a 4th of July sparkler. It also stars the biggest brat to ever reach puberty, Darby Camp. She has to be the most annoying character since Cindy Lou in Jim Carrey’s Grinch debacle.

There is really no point in going on with this review. This thing is just horrible.

1.0/10.0 just for the visuals with the Goatesians Rating of Avoid, Avoid, Avoid