What you need to know before you buy a guitar

Music is a perfect way to define oneself. Music represents our heritage, culture, and passion. Several people aspire to become musicians or make it in the music industry. Although it is a challenging journey, nothing can stop anyone from trying. Owning a guitar can drastically change your life as an aspiring musician. With the right […]

Land-Based Casinos Suck – You Should Only Play at Online Casinos

Read the title again. And again. And again. Keep reading it until you agree. Still don’t? Let me explain to you why you should only be playing online casinos instead of physical casinos. Why Land-Based Casinos Are Terrible If you’ve ever been inside a casino then you know how dreadful it can be. You walk […]

5 Bollywood Movies You Need To Watch Soon

India is a country famous for its robust entertainment industry. In actuality, the nation has realized tremendous growth in its Bollywood franchise over the years, something that continues to date. Today, Hindi Cinema is worth over five hundred million dollars. Nevertheless, why is Bollywood prominent? One, Bollywood features some of the best actors in the […]

The Truth About Getting a DUI in Las Vegas

There are so many events that come up in the year requiring us to celebrate with friends and family. Whether it’s just a simple party at home with a few friends, a Christmas gathering or a wedding party, we will most definitely find ourselves drinking and in some cases drinking a lot of alcohol. It […]

Here’s how you can learn to short sell stocks

The trading strategy of short selling is often used by traders to take advantage of stocks that are likely to go down in value. There are a number of ways in which a stock can be short sold, so understanding how to do it and what the different methods are is particularly useful. What does […]

5 Best Movies to Watch to Improve Your Gambling Skills

What better way to get into the mood and prepare for an exciting trip to Vegas or a night of poker with friends than to watch gambling based movies? In fact, even if you’re just planning a visit at Royal Vegas to enter an online casino tournament, gambling movies are a great way to feel […]

Politics and entertainment betting: Things you should know

When we talk about betting, it is a football match, a cricket match or any other sports event that comes in our mind. We are quite aware of the huge industry behind sports betting and the multiple web sites and apps where you can try your luck & analysis. Off late, a new type of […]

Joker: Is The Joke on Us?

Joker. It is an extraordinary film, clever, well made, beautifully acted and I feel destined to become a classic. A rare five-star rating from me, recommended for any lover of psychological thrillers, crime film noir, psychological horror and very (very) black comedy. The well named Joker film is exactly that, a Joke on the modern […]

How to use 4d results history to win 4D in Singapore pools

Just by going through the results on major pools such as https://4dinsingapore.com, you will realize that Singapore 4D is quite lucrative. All one needs to do is figure out a way to use historical results to try and predict the next possible set of winning numbers. To help maximize your potential, here is how to […]

Rock N Roll Frankenstein (1999)

Film Title

Rock & Roll Frankenstein


Music agent Bernie Stein, his scientist nephew Frankie, and a drugged out roadie named Iggy team to create a superstar by putting together the remains of dead rockers


Brian O'Hara


Graig Guggenheim
Jayson Spense
Barry Fetterman
Hiram Jacob Segarra

EDITOR’S NOTE: Again, I am pleased to point out that we have some great fans and readers. Some of our fans and readers even make real movies! Brian O’Hara contacted Ruthless to let us know that he uploaded his classic good/bad Halloween Horror Special to YouTube (I hope they leave it up a while, so […]