Fuck Movember

The premise is simple and alarmingly retarded in equal measure: grow a mustache, look like a Turkish rent-boy for a month and think you’re fighting cancer.

The Bling Ring Review

Film Title

The Bling Ring


Rich Kids vs. Common Sense


Sofia Coppola


Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Taissa Farmiga, Claire Julien, Georgia Rock, Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Gavin Rossdale

Time for the guillotines.

80s Horror- Return of the Living Dead

Nineteen noggins get gnawed upon. One of the best horror comedies of the 1980s.

Exit The Transformer- an Obituary for Lou Reed

I could reckon an existence of God if I thought God to be like the icon of Lou: omniscient but too hip to ever intervene. Give me a Velvet Underground afterworld.

L. Ron Mexico’s NBA 2013-2014 Season Preview

“Well, that James Harden trade was a clear victory for the Thunder,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

Captain Phillips- Film Review

Capitalism makes dogs of us all. One of these men has to crumble, and it’s not going to be the one with a navy SEAL team manning his decks.

The Fifth Estate- Film Review

The Fifth Estate is Hollywood’s attempt to winnow a diverse multinational coalition of web activists into a rock band narrative of idealism undone by ego.

Scottsdale International Film Festival, Part One: Twilight of the Snowbirds

From Congress to Decoding Annie Parker, each film that I’d seen was in some way or another about the aging, reconciling themselves to a society that no longer saw a use for them.

A Toy Story 4 Pitch

Kids’ movies need to change. They’ve sent us into adulthood with misguided idealism and outsized career goals.

Decoding Annie Parker

The end result is a difficult travail, a film that would be too grim to watch were it not for Morton’s luminous and gripping performance. Once again, Bernstein has shown that he can get the optimal performance from a main actress.