Rouge Trader (1999)


The story of Nick Leeson, a trader who bankrupted an investment house in Britian


James Dearden


Ewan McGregor
Anna Friel
Lee Ross
Pip Torrens
Tim McInnerny

My favorite part of Trading Places is when Winthorpe and Valentine destroy the Duke brothers. “A Duke has been sitting on this exchange since it was founded!” So I was curious to see Rogue Trader, the 1999 biopic about Nick Leeson. You may not know who he is but he was big news in 1995. […]

All of the Casino Games James Bond Has Played

Just as much as James Bond is famous for drinking a shaken-not-stirred martini and driving a rather snazzy gadget-packed Aston Martin, the world’s most famous fictional secret agent is equally as well-known for his love of casinos. Here is a look at all of the casino games James Bond has ever played in the series […]

Bingo On The Box

Whilst Bingo can sometimes dominate the online casino gaming scene, you’ll also find it popping up on your telly box in some of your favourite films and classic TV programmes. Whether it’s gameshows or comedies that tickle your fancy, it won’t be hard to find a hint of Bingo magic when you settle down for […]

A Made Up Solution To A Made Up Problem

I realize this is a gross over-simplification, but it occurs to me that religion and a belief in various gods are, at their root, just attempts at making up solutions to deal with equally made-up problems. Or, to put it a different way, religions frequently invent problems that do not actually exist in order to […]

3 of the Worst Player Busts in NFL History

NFL Draft Day is synonymous with ‘hope for my team day.’ But unfortunately, being one of the best players in college ball doesn’t always translate to the NFL pro-style of play.  Today, let’s have a look at a few of the worst player investments NFL franchises have made over the years. I should put a […]

Four things that you will find if you visit an eSports bookmaker

A few years ago, we could only choose from a couple of online bookmakers. Most of them are still available, but bettors nowadays have access to way more betting sites than before because this industry has grown a lot. In addition to the regular bookies, there are some gambling operators that focus on a particular […]

Which are the biggest eSports tournaments that you should bet on?

Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular, especially in the last couple of years. However, instead of punting only on football and tennis, gamblers discovered that there are other things that they can choose from, such as eSports. Wagering on computer games might seem strange at first, but once you learn how they […]

Sikhs: People Living for War

The Sikhs are not afraid of fights, and the art of combat is an indispensable part of their history. Read the post and learn more about the Sikhs and their famous battles.

The ABC’s Of The Ku Klux Klan And Their Updated Motivations

Image Credits This world of ours has seen too much hate being spread, and it is heart-wrenching that instead of making love, we chose to make war (Jason Derulo is extremely displeased!). When we all thought that the Civil War was finally over and that America would smoothly transition towards the Reconstruction Period, out came […]

Shopping For CBD Joints: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

If you have done your own research on CBD, then you must have realized how popular these products have become. That’s because people seem to have found something that can affect their health rather positively and they are now trying it in all forms available. I’m talking about Cannabidiol and if you still aren’t acquainted […]