The ABC’s Of The Ku Klux Klan And Their Updated Motivations

This world of ours has seen too much hate being spread, and it is heart-wrenching that instead of making love, we chose to make war (Jason Derulo is extremely displeased!). When we all thought that the Civil War was finally over and that America would smoothly transition towards the Reconstruction Period, out came one of […]

The ABC’s Of Halloween

Alcohol– Like any other holiday that we Americans celebrate, Halloween is just another good excuse to get hammered. I mean, why should the kiddies have all the fun? The urchins wreck their pancreases with a sucrose overload, so why can’t you destroy your liver with ethanol? Quid Pro Quo, right? Black Cats– Halloween is rich […]

The ABC’s Of Thanksgiving In America

America! Most Americans are shocked and enraged when they realize that the rest of the world does not celebrate their bloated holiday. Get over it. Black Friday Back in ancient times, the day after Thanksgiving was a quiet and friendly time. Most everyone was off work or out of school, so you slept in, you […]

The ABC’s Of The Opioid Crisis

The ABC’s Of The Opioid Crisis Here at Ruthless, we are no strangers to drugs. We also realize that in The United States, there is a big problem with both prescription drug abuse, diversion of Rx drugs, and the use of illicit drugs. We know that as long as drugs are available or can be […]

The ABC’s of Animals Who Have Sexist Or Politically Incorrect Names

  Aholes, Boobies, & Cocks -or- The ABC’s of Animals Who Have Sexist Or Politically Incorrect Names Aholes are silvery fish who live in the Indo-Pacific part of the world (near Hawaii). They spend their days swimming together in schools, but at night they go off to eat by themselves. I guess everyone needs some […]


  This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun. Gun Culture in America Since this article was originally written we have now outdone ourselves with a mass-shooting in Las Vegas. At least 50 58 59 dead and over 200 529 wounded. President Trump’s response? We need more […]


A-Frame-Since the Redneck either doesn’t have a garage, or it is filled to the brim with hunting gear, duck decoys and other essentials, this contraption for auto and pickup truck maintenance just might be in his front yard in all its grimy glory. Better still it could be in the back as pictured below. Vehicles […]

THE ABC’s of TRAVELING -The Joys of Flying Edition

Atlanta – Everyone has heard the old adage, “Even if you are traveling to Hell, you have to go through Atlanta first”. If you are flying in the Eastern part of The United States, this is an accurate assessment. Worse still is if you ever have to actually drive in Atlanta. Below is a picture […]

THE ABCs OF BBQ-Smoking the meat edition

THE ABCS OF BBQ-Smoking the meat edition Salvations 1:1 Verily,verily I say unto thee, an open flame shall not touch thy cooking flesh or thine days will be numbered before you are cast into the lake of ire. Goatesians 1:2-4 The only way to the BBQ is with the meat. It is blasphemous and very […]

THE ABCs OF RAPE: Bill Cosby Edition

  Abortion-No way, woman. Raped by your father? Too bad, enjoy your little bundle of joy. Raped by a stranger, even a criminal with former rape convictions? Prepare to be forced to carry to term and even to give the criminal visitation rights. Even if your pregnancy is much more than an inconvenience, that is […]