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Krampus: The Devil Returns (2016)

This will be a Christmas Movie Rant more than a movie review. Some movies don’t even deserve the title of “movie”, much less to be reviewed. The horror in this is not in the film, but the disgraceful “effort” that Jason Hull put forward in making this atrocity.

According to IMDB, this putrid rendition of Krampus is the last movie that Hull ever made, and rightfully so. It is ranked 1.6 at IMDB and most of the user reviews are 1.0/10.0 and are scathing.

Sometimes films are about humanity and man’s inhumanity. This one is about one man’s inhumanity to a movie. I understand when a movie is bad, even very bad, like Santa With Muscles. There is bad acting, terrible writing and dialogue and no continuity. Props can be woefully inadequate and laughable like the rubber mask in Elves. Plots can be ludicrous like Santa Jaws or Mercy Christmas, but the movie is still enjoyable and hilarious. This Krampus rip-off has no positive attributes at all.

All of that withstanding, there is no excuse for not even making the slightest effort to have minimal sound, lighting and camera work. After watching and reviewing the equally pathetic prequel to this mess, which I gave a rating of ZERO/10.0, I wondered then if I would ever encounter a worse movie. Now I have the answer.

Goatesians Special Rating: I give this film a ZERO/10.0 for technical quality and a 10.0/10.0 for STUPIDITY



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