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Our Favorite Christmas Movies: And Some that Suck


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Whether your holiday festivities will consist of eggnog salted with tears and drifting off with fervent wish that Santa brings you a stocking full of not waking up, family gatherings in which ceremony thinly veils supernovae of loathing, cowardly religious rituals in which you prostrate yourself, begging to be rescued by an especially silly comic book character or being given the cheapest, crappiest chocolate permissible by law because you are a Jew, we have several recommendations to kill the vast stretches of time between football and NBA games. If, however, you need one more nudge, a dash of myrrh to break the camel’s back and launch you into the ranks of holiday suicides, we can help too because few bad movies are as bad as bad Christmas movies. We’re not big on the holidays, but these films have been good or bad enough to inspire us.


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