The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem is a top-flight Satanic Panic film

Now You See Me

Film Review- Now You See Me 115 minutes – PG13 for cussing, slight violence   Chicanery is the art of forced perspective- the patter of the performer draws the eye of the audience, while the work is being done elsewhere to present the prestige of the trick. It is natural that for scriptwriters and directors […]

Man Of Steel

I typically don’t review first run movies as my low IQ combined with years of drug abuse, plus that time I fell out of a bunk bed as a kid, greatly diminish retention of what I just saw and I usually get lost in the plot anyway on the initial go round. It’s basically 90 […]

Ooga Booga

If D.W. Griffith had lived to make CHILD’S PLAY…

Skymall’s Top 20 Worst Products

L.Ron Mexico reviews some of most outlandish products Skymall sells.

A Good Day to Die Hard Review

Remember when action movies featuring father and son teams used to not suck? Me neither.

Pictures From The Protests in Turkey

A first hand report on the anti-american commumuslim threat from the swarthy hordes.

The Purge

Owing a heavy debt to the action satire of John Carpenter’s golden decade, The Purge depicts a post-revolutionary America in 2022.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

Nancy Drew is tired of your shit.

Beautiful Creatures (2013) Review

What the fuck happened to Jeremy Irons?