Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

by Devon Pack July 21, 2014

The central theme of this film is that while assholes may not always triumph, they will always be present, and they will always do enough to ensure that there will be no lasting peace or understanding between the races.


22 Jump Street

by Devon Pack July 17, 2014

22 Jump Street is not as clever as Hot Fuzz, but it’s not as slapstick and pun driven as the The Naked Gun franchise.

snowpiercer featured


by Goat July 11, 2014

  Snowpiercer (2013) I really like Korean Film (Thanks, Steen).  When I saw that Joon-Ho Bong was making a movie for us Americans, I was both thrilled and apprehensive, not knowing how badly things would be screwed up.  Certainly unknown to most casual moviegoers, Joon-Ho Bong is a Master and is known for movies like […]


Mile…Mile and a Half

by Goat July 7, 2014

“Sometime you need to just get away….”   I don’t know if this was a documentary, an art exhibit, a magnificent display of some of the best cinematography ever, or just the very best of the human condition. Every once and a while in the wasteland of the Netflix click posters you find a real […]


You Won’t BELIEVE What A Piece Of Shit Transcendence Is!

by Vandel July 5, 2014

Almost dumber than Gravity. Almost.

Tammy Featured


by Devon Pack July 4, 2014

I snickered often but laughed rarely. It’s a Rule 63 version of a middling Chris Farley road comedy, lighter on the body humor and heavier on the empathy.


Jersey Boys

by Devon Pack June 25, 2014

A bubblegum band gets a bubblegum bio. Eastwood’s clean direction isn’t able to wholly tie up the divergent threads of this formulaic plot,

quicksilver movie funny

Quicksilver Movie Review: Kevin Bacon’s Gigli

by L. Ron Mexico June 24, 2014

Quicksilver Movie Review: Imagine an LMFO video where bike messengers with terrible nicknames race against cars between dance offs. Imagine Kevin Bacon playing a failed stockbroker gutter-punking a ten-speed on his way to self-enlightenment. Imagine a world where vague, nonsensical dialogue replaces meaningful human interaction, where cars are for psychos, where one man’s dream of […]

the room poster

The Room

by Sarah June 15, 2014

Recently, I reviewed The Canyons – a movie so bad that I described it as a “shit-heap” and “dumpster-fire.” It was by no means the worst movie I’d ever seen, but it was certainly the worst movie I’d seen in a very long time, and I pride myself on being a connoisseur of really bad […]


How to Train Your Dragon 2

by Devon Pack June 15, 2014

Children’s cinema prospers and flops on the basis of the film’s ability to engage the child’s imagination within an enjoyable fantasy. The How to Train Your Dragon franchise offers the fantasy of having a pet dog who’s humongous enough to ride and who can fly you anywhere.