Terminator: Genisys Review

Film Title

Terminator: Genisys


No Arnold penis. : (


Alan Taylor


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emilia Clarke
Jai Courtney
Jason Clarke
J.K. Simmons


Guys, you misspelled the title!

Choose Their Kill


Make goofball slashers do your bidding.

Inside Out

Inside Out 5 HumorsFeaturedThree

Inside Out is a masterpiece of children’s cinema, because it combines together three important processes for children. Inside Out is the healthiest children’s film yet made. And for that it has my warmest endorsement.

70s Horror Classics- Carrie


The first film to treat the process of puberty as a theme of horror,

Kung Fury Review

Film Title

Kung Fury


Renegade cop visits a new old enemy.


David Sandberg


David Sandberg
Jorma Taccone
Andreas Cahling
Eleni Young
Helene Ahlson

kf hed

Kung Fury Review   Tagline: An homage and love letter to the 80s, brought to you by KickStarter. Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence: Kung Fu renegade cop time-travels to kill Hitler. Homoeroticism: Our protagonist’s introduction: True, he does immediately leave his sexy ladyfriend to go drive his ridiculous sports car […]

Best Episode Ever: The A-Team – Labor Pains.


The A-Team are union agitators who shoot capitalist stooges with heads of cabbage.

San Andreas


Disaster films are a power fantasy that you can somehow skip through the greatest collective traumas of human history with little more than a scrape, some grit, and some mild flinching.

Mad Max, Mad Masculinity: What Fury Road has to say about manhood


Mad Max doesn’t need….

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Film Title

Mad Max: Fury Road


Kill or be dust.


George Miller


Tom Hardy
Charlize Theron
Nicholas Hoult
Hugh Keays-Byrne


Mad Max: Fury Road Review   Mad Max: Fury Road arrives in cinemas to extinguish the fire of stratospheric expectations, and it does so with gasoline. It is a tale told by a genius, full of sound and other stuff, signifying everything. It is an unprecedentedly satisfying realization of our collective projections about what belongs […]

9 Observations About Avengers 2


Bow And Arrow Man Explains It All.