Top 10 Movies Not To Watch Before…

Some movies are so bland they pretty much leave your head as the end credits roll. Others contain such unnerving scenes… like the opening of Jaws … that they are never forgotten. The horrifying death of that helpless skinny dipper is the perfect example of how a movie can worm its way into your brain […]

The Top 10 Reasons To Be An Atheist

The Top Ten Reasons to Be an Atheist (in no particular order) are: Drum roll please… It’s obvious that all world religions are the product of extremely ignorant (not stupid) near barbarians who didn’t understand much about the world around them and made up stories to explain things the best they could. We no longer […]

The Art of Darkness: Apocalypse Now & Full Metal Jacket

“War is hell,” the cliche’ proclaims, but it seems to be entertaining hell. Along with other ghastly subjects such as murder and vampirism, war ranks among the most popular and commonly used subject matter of filmed entertainment, and no war has yielded more or better films than the one in Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. […]

Murder, Torture & Religion

Murder and torture are as old as humanity. Ever since man first invented the club, he probably used it to kill another caveman. Murder in the name of religion probably wasn’t very far behind. Overzealous faith has been used as an excuse to torture and kill since the beginning of recorded history. What follows are […]

A Made Up Solution To A Made Up Problem

I realize this is a gross over-simplification, but it occurs to me that religion and a belief in various gods are, at their root, just attempts at making up solutions to deal with equally made-up problems. Or, to put it a different way, religions frequently invent problems that do not actually exist in order to […]

About That Life On Mars Thing

Since the early days of science fiction, Martians have been part of our folklore. Sometimes they’re benevolent, often evil; but always just taken for granted as being existent. And though we’ve been to Mars lots of times, we’ve had eyes on it from the surface and from orbit, we have not yet managed to find […]

The Bible: A Book Review

The Bible is a collection of books that is viewed as some sort of masterpiece by its subscribers because of their fear and confirmation bias. What the Bible really is, is a collection of books that loosely chronicle the history of some primitive and very violent people who by their own coronation, somehow were the […]

Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States?

The relationship between Donald Trump and his ardent supporters reminds me of that great classic TV show, Amos & Andy. Kingfish is Trump and he is always very convincing and compelling to Andy. Andy represents all of Trump’s die-hard sycophant and supporters, loyal to the end. No matter how outrageous the scheme is, or how […]

Donald Trump: The Arrogance Of Power And Lack of Accountability Edition

Congress has officially confirmed the Electoral College victory of Biden and Harris. To all the Trumpers, thugs, evangelicals, preachers and right-wing pundits, where is your God now? How can you not say that this is God’s will, if you believe in that sort of thing? The overwhelming support of Christians for Donald Trump exposes the […]

Surprise Dinosaurs Can Make Any Movie Better

On the cult classic animated sitcom The Critic, one of the half-dozen or so fake movie clips recycled in the opening credits throughout the series depicts a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers-style black-and-white ballroom dancing scene suddenly interrupted by a full-color Tyrannosaurus Rex devouring the dancing couple. The show’s protagonist, Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz), responds […]