About That Life On Mars Thing

Since the early days of science fiction, Martians have been part of our folklore. Sometimes they’re benevolent, often evil; but always just taken for granted as being existent. And though we’ve been to Mars lots of times, we’ve had eyes on it from the surface and from orbit, we have not yet managed to find […]

The Bible: A Book Review

The Bible is a collection of books that is viewed as some sort of masterpiece by its subscribers because of their fear and confirmation bias. What the Bible really is, is a collection of books that loosely chronicle the history of some primitive and very violent people who by their own coronation, somehow were the […]

Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States?

The relationship between Donald Trump and his ardent supporters reminds me of that great classic TV show, Amos & Andy. Kingfish is Trump and he is always very convincing and compelling to Andy. Andy represents all of Trump’s die-hard sycophant and supporters, loyal to the end. No matter how outrageous the scheme is, or how […]

Donald Trump: The Arrogance Of Power And Lack of Accountability Edition

Congress has officially confirmed the Electoral College victory of Biden and Harris. To all the Trumpers, thugs, evangelicals, preachers and right-wing pundits, where is your God now? How can you not say that this is God’s will, if you believe in that sort of thing? The overwhelming support of Christians for Donald Trump exposes the […]

Surprise Dinosaurs Can Make Any Movie Better

On the cult classic animated sitcom The Critic, one of the half-dozen or so fake movie clips recycled in the opening credits throughout the series depicts a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers-style black-and-white ballroom dancing scene suddenly interrupted by a full-color Tyrannosaurus Rex devouring the dancing couple. The show’s protagonist, Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz), responds […]

Dr. Suess’s Ron & Jim Ruined Christmas

Several times while watching the Ron Howard-directed How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I found myself wondering, “Who is this even for?” At 105 minutes, it’s a bit on the long side for kids small enough to actually enjoy Jim Carrey’s manic, over-the-top turn as the title character, and the whole thing is far too ugly […]

Understanding Trumpers: How Can 70 Million People Be Wrong?

The election is over. Regardless of the hate-spewed lies of Trump…Lies that 69.9 Million of the Trumpers actually believe, Joe Biden will be the next President of The United States. Oh, and what a mess he will inherit, but that will be discussed later. Covid-19 is raging, and there is nothing that the present administration […]

The Top 10 Reasons To Be An Atheist in 2020

Drum roll please… It’s obvious that all world religions are the product of extremely ignorant (not stupid) near barbarians who didn’t understand much about the world around them and made up stories to explain things the best they could. We no longer believe that the universe is made of four elements, that our health is […]

Rush Limbaugh Is Dying: Good Riddance

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rush Limbaugh, a hate-spewing gasbag who was somehow honored by our racist imbecile Idiot-In-Chief with The Presidential Medal Of Freedom…has terminal lung cancer, and will die soon. Scratch that, he will, and in his own hateful words, “Assume Room Temperature”. There will be no sympathy from me, or from anyone at Ruthless at […]

4 Misconceptions People Have About Landlords

Landlords are often vilified by the general public. They’re treated as evil, greedy people with dollar signs in their eyes. To hear some people talk, they’re basically “subhuman.” But here’s the deal with stereotypes: They’re often wrong, misguided, and exaggerated. One stereotype that is true is that everyone is looking for affordable housing. And if […]