The Ten-Year Summer Of Jenny

So who’s your dream movie girl? The one who gets your heart pumping? The one so far removed from your mundane existence that if you’re honest you know you’re not worthy to share the same planet. In fact, you’re not even sure such a divine vixen is from Earth. Perhaps God lowered her from the […]

Dulce et Decorum Est… Nah, War Can Be Fun!

On balance, any serious examination of World War Two would have to conclude the Nazis were a tad uncouth, disagreeable even. And yet without their naughty goose-stepping antics across Germany and the rest of Europe, moviedom would be immeasurably poorer. So sure, sixty-odd million people lost their lives during humanity’s worst ever quarrel, but the […]

Eight Wince-Inducing Moments in Movies*

Sew Tough! I was about fourteen when I first caught First Blood on home video, the perfect age to vicariously revel in such macho histrionics. Immediately afterwards, I ran outside, knocked the first motorcyclist I saw to the ground, and headed off for the woods at breakneck speed with an imaginary entire police force hot […]


Fresh off another round of treatment – not the noble, heroic, radiator treatment… but, you know, the other kind, I’ve been ruminating on a number of things. Specifically, regrets. Ways I’ve hurt others. Or, as those who have made to higher levels of Grand Theft Suboxone than me, the 9th Step. In most rehabs, addicts […]

Spoiler Alert! Some Thoughts on Twist Endings

Since M. Night Shyamalan’s much ballyhooed 1999 feature The Sixth Sense, twist endings have gotten something of a bad rap, and usually with good reason. After all, in many cases they are a cheap way to add excitement to the climax of an otherwise dull story. Sometimes they are a cop-out, negating all emotional involvement […]

Top 10 Movies Not To Watch Before…

Some movies are so bland they pretty much leave your head as the end credits roll. Others contain such unnerving scenes… like the opening of Jaws … that they are never forgotten. The horrifying death of that helpless skinny dipper is the perfect example of how a movie can worm its way into your brain […]

The Top 10 Reasons To Be An Atheist

The Top Ten Reasons to Be an Atheist (in no particular order) are: Drum roll please… It’s obvious that all world religions are the product of extremely ignorant (not stupid) near barbarians who didn’t understand much about the world around them and made up stories to explain things the best they could. We no longer […]

The Art of Darkness: Apocalypse Now & Full Metal Jacket

“War is hell,” the cliche’ proclaims, but it seems to be entertaining hell. Along with other ghastly subjects such as murder and vampirism, war ranks among the most popular and commonly used subject matter of filmed entertainment, and no war has yielded more or better films than the one in Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. […]

Murder, Torture & Religion

Murder and torture are as old as humanity. Ever since man first invented the club, he probably used it to kill another caveman. Murder in the name of religion probably wasn’t very far behind. Overzealous faith has been used as an excuse to torture and kill since the beginning of recorded history. What follows are […]

A Made Up Solution To A Made Up Problem

I realize this is a gross over-simplification, but it occurs to me that religion and a belief in various gods are, at their root, just attempts at making up solutions to deal with equally made-up problems. Or, to put it a different way, religions frequently invent problems that do not actually exist in order to […]