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The Bottom Ten Worst Christmas Movies Ever

Here at Ruthless we love to get reader mail. We especially love HATE MAIL, or even more…Whiney HATE MAIL. A few days ago I reviewed one of the most obscure Christmas Movies ever. I won’t even characterize it as a movie, it was more like a 6 year-old turned loose with an iPhone. Anyway, my less than complimentary review aroused the ire of Steve Rudzinski’s numerous boy-friends.

Without further ado, get a load of this. Below is the hate mail:

He is a “professional reviewer” who copy and pasted this review from one he made on his blog. His review is basically just a copy and paste of his original review, aside from the part about him not having the movie film in its entirety. This is the quote from the original review that he removed from the above review that places the context of why I write this: “I will be honest, I could not even force myself to watch all of this movie. I just skipped around and got the basics and the ending.”

Hating the film and writing a bad review is fine but the golden rule with journalism is you don’t write about the movie, game, book, play or other piece of medium you didn’t finish. He then proceeded to try and defend himself by insulting everyone who pointed out what I mentioned on social media and quoting that he has helped made or broken film makers and has made better films on a much higher budget which is why we should listen to him, proving his professionalism. He could have easily answered his comments in a completely different and professional way that would have made his attitude much more likable, but instead he insulted and belittled and acted much like a child would when told he was wrong. All of this is just tacky.

As mentioned I have little problems with bad reviews, but I do have a problem when “journalists” act in an unprofessional manner and provide reviews in a childish and out-of-context way. We deserve better than that when it comes to journalism, especially in the modern era when anyone can claim to be a journalist. The only reason he posted this review was out of spite, and it wasn’t even the full review which makes it even more disgusting. I will be making a formal complaint to the website “Ruthless Reviews” and I welcome any comment he has for me. As a final book-end, this is what the reviewer wrote about Jim Varney in Ernest Saves Christmas & considers a joke: “He died in 2000 of lung cancer at the age of 50. This is the only thing that brought a smile to my face during the entire viewing and research for this Christmas film.”

Editor’s Note: Angry Grandpa died yesterday. That is exponentially more tragic than Varney’s passing.

My review: “A Meowy Christmas” is a pretty good film, a film made on a small budget and is far from perfect but much better than the horrific blogging of a guy who hides behind the word “Ruthless” when really he’s a bit of a dick. The end.

– Steve Rudinski &Bill Murphy w/Daniel Lock

*I will be making a FORMAL COMPLAINT*

*I will be making a FORMAL COMPLAINT*

Editor’s Note: Knock yourself out. Here is the link for complaints, etc.

Readers, it doesn’t get much better than this. This is a rare opportunity to demonstrate why we exist. From the outrage of the Worst Black Metal Pics, to the defense of a pathetic $500 $350 meow Christmas Movie made by a 6 year old, our mission marches on.

Steven Rudzinski, one of the giants in the film industry, raised a WHOPPING $350 to film his masterpiece, A Meowy Christmas. This movie was so awesome and wonderful that Ruthless was the only critic to review this Junior High Science Project. The mere fact that his sycophants would defend this “masterpiece” is beyond hilarious. Check out his resume. He has such BLOCKBUSTERS as:

And other Oscar Worthy movies that were watched by no one.

Without further ado, I present The Bottom Ten Worst Christmas Movies Ever:

10. A Meowy Christmas

9. A Meowy Christmas

8. A Meowy Christmas

7. A Meowy Christmas

6. A Meowy Christmas

5. A Meowy Christmas

4. A Meowy Christmas

3. A Meowy Christmas

2. A Meowy Christmas


A Meowy Christmas*

*I will be making a more comprehensive and inclusive list of Bad Movies closer to Christmas when all the reviews are in.

Merry Christmas from Ruthless Reviews!



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