Man on Fire (2004)

There is a strong body of evidence in Man on Fire (2004) to suggest that the Tripods in War of the Worlds began losing interest in galactic conquest as a result of Dakota Fanning’s perpetual screaming. It was a painful example of lax parenting and a dysfunctional familial structure having an adverse effect on those […]

The Lost City of Z

As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of history. Whenever there is a movie about a historical event, I’m in. I did not know that The Lost City of Z was non-fiction, having not read the book, nor did I do any research prior to the screening. All I knew about it was […]

The Fast and the Furious, is it out of control?

EDITORS NOTE: The Fast and the Furious, is it out of control? The Fast and the Furious started harmlessly enough, but has now grown into quite a franchise, for better or worse. This franchise has been mostly ignored by Ruthless, maybe because of the worse, or maybe because we are just lazy. We do have […]


In 1999, George Carlin recorded a set called You Are All Diseased, in which he did a segment ranting about the then current obsession with children. Not that that obsession has abated at all over the last two decades, but he specifically went off about parents overloading their children with structure and play dates. After […]

The Case For Christ

After I came out as an atheist decades ago, a good and well-meaning friend of mine suggested that I read Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ. I was not enthused about this prospect, having slogged through Josh McDowell’s heavily footnoted apologetics, the book from Hell , but I read it. While being a better read […]

A Few Ruthless Movie Villains

Here are A Few Ruthless Movie Villains. Villains have been part of movies since their inception. We love them, we love to hate them, but most of all we know how to appreciate them in our movies. Here at Ruthless we have our own set of villains, especially in our 80s Action Movies, but I’m […]

Going in Style

To quote myself from my Beauty and the Beast review, “I realize I am not the intended audience for this film.” The difference with Going in Style is that I should be. Just because the average age of its three stars (Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Michael Caine) is 82 doesn’t mean that non-octogenarians can’t […]

Ghost in the Shell

What do you get when you cross Blade Runner with Robocop and sprinkle in a little Johnny Mnemonic? A movie during which I almost fell asleep. Twice. To be fair, I had to wake up before five o’clock that morning to get to a meeting, but a loss of an hour of sleep isn’t enough […]

God speaks out about attorneys

Mike Johnson is a man who believes God created everything for a reason. After a long week that included listening to a close friend complain about his divorce attorney, another friend complain about his defense attorney, his sister complain about a self-righteous prosecutor, and a brother who was had just begun dealing with an accident […]

Manchester By The Sea and political correctness

Manchester by the Sea and political correctness This post is fundamentally based on two separate topics (and note the insistence of separation here, something we’ll come back to in a bit). First off, it’s a brief review of Kenneth Lonergan’s Oscar-winning 2016 release Manchester by the Sea. Secondly, it makes a clumsy but just-about-acceptable segue […]