Why This Year’s Oscar Movies Suck

The Oscars are a huge time for celebration in the entertainment industry. In years past, amazing movies like The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, and Titanic swept the Oscars. Undoubtedly, critics and fans alike knew that these movies would go down as legendary motion pictures. The problem with the Oscars today is that we just […]

Finding Dory

There’s this scene in my head when the board and executives at Disney Pixar meet to discuss the success of Finding Nemo and the possibility of a sequel. It goes something like this: An executive enters the boardroom. Senior, benevolent shareholders are sitting around the table drinking freshly squeezed juices and exchanging kindly grins with […]

The Great Wall

I’m not sure how, but I managed to avoid trailers for The Great Wall until the night before the screening. I wasn’t even trying to avoid them, I just hadn’t seen any for this particular movie. Prior to seeing that trailer, I thought The Great Wall was a historical fiction in the vein of Tom […]

Fist Fight

I wish someone had punched me in the face when I decided to watch this movie. Even before I said it out loud, just thinking that thought should have caused someone to run through my door and cold-cock me. I knew – KNEW –Fist Fight was going to be a terrible movie after watching the […]

Into the Cold: A Journey into the Soul

Into the Cold: A Journey into the Soul I really enjoy most documentaries about man v. nature, especially in a cold weather setting. Happy People was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding documentaries ever, and what else would you expect from the great Werner Herzog? Into the Cold: A Journey into the Soul, unlike […]

The Lego Batman Movie

Here’s the truth – I wanted to see The Lego Batman Movie as much as my 4-year old son. We’ve been slowly building a Lego city in our basement over the past year and I love watching his little imagination work. I also love feeling like a kid myself. So this is the perfect movie […]

John Wick: Chapter 2

It’s been two and a half years since John Wick murdered scores of people over a dead dog and stolen car and I still don’t understand how that movie scored an 85% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It was easily one of the worst written movies of 2014 that somehow got a complete pass because […]

The Space Between Us

My immediate impression of The Space Between Us was it was cute, I guess. That might be the last nice thing I say about this film because I spent the last twenty-four hours realizing that it’s kind of bad. Then I looked up the current Rotten Tomatoes score and…oh. Oh no. 11%? It wasn’t that […]


My attitude towards extreme mountain climbing varies between amazement and admiration for something like Touching the Void, to disdain and disgust at self-important trust fund kids who pollute places like Mt. Everest with their corpses and oxygen bottles. The shark fin of Mt. Meru in the Indian Himalayas has been characterized as the anti-Everest. More […]

Patriots Day

On April 15th, 2013 the city of Boston and the nation were rocked when radical Islamics Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev exploded two bombs near the finish line of The Boston Marathon. Patriots Day was a gripping film that focused on the people affected by this heinous act, and the fervent police and FBI investigation in […]