Green Room

Is this film worth my time? Green Room is an instant classic of exploitation cinema, a taut and frantic siege movie that is evocative of Straw Dogs and Assault on Precinct 13. Who is this film perfect for? People who want to see punks fighting neo-nazis with whatever weapon they can scrounge, and people who […]

10 Cloverfield Lane

I’m sitting here with my sore, demolished foot when I should be writing a movie review. Well, I am writing one, or trying to write one. How does one go about ranking, rating or writing a review of a movie? For one thing, for your opinion to have any credibility, you must watch the entire […]


As everyone is now aware, Spotlight was the surprise winner for Best Picture according to The Academy. I was as shocked as most others who thought that The Revenant would be a slam dunk. I was wrong, so I was compelled to see what this movie was all about. Scratch that, I was more than […]

Batman v. Superman

The epiphany of the corporate era of Hollywood, the genius of Zack Snyder, is the recognition of this truth: if you condition the audience to expect mediocrity, then you can never disappoint them.

Metal Heart: Seven Essential Life Lessons from an 80s Childhood

if you can’t Ride the Lightning, Bark at the Moon.

Ghostbusters Trailer Review

This is a thing they’re actually doing. You’re aware they’re doing it. Let’s just skip the background and jump right into it. (You can watch the thing here.) Ghostbusters trailer review and analysis, here we go: (0:00 – 0:30) We begin by reminding people, in BIG WHITE TEXT, that the original film exists. And really, […]


Always Be Closing!-Wait! That’s another rant, but now that I think of it, not really. The only way that Evangelicals can hope to maintain their numbers, much less grow them, is by intense recruitment, by Selling! From infancy, family members are indoctrinated and recruited with fear, guilt and intimidation. They are sold the myth of […]

Four Key Questions at the heart of Hail, Caesar!

The rest of the country may be confused,but you don’t have to be. Ethan and Joel Coen have released an elegant, masterful, gorgeous, kaleidoscopic, fractal comedic work of unmatched excellence, and nobody knows it (yet). With a movie-going public stymied by an acute case of misaligned expectations, and another entry in the Marvel franchise to […]

Binge-Watch: Amazon’s Mad Dogs

Welcome to another edition of Binge-Watch! By now, you most certainly know how much I love to veg out on a newly released show. This latest binge session was courtesy of Amazon’s newest original series, Mad Dogs. With plenty of faces you’re sure to recognize, Mad Dogs is yet another entry in the category of […]


I really, really liked Deadpool. And you know what? I didn’t expect to. Seriously, I was never a fan of the character (in the sense that I hardly knew anything about him) and the humor as well as the violence seemed forced and overdone in the trailers. Still, I remained interested in the film, I […]