• 65 (2023)
  • Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 3
  • Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 43
  • John Wick: Chapter Four
  • Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 2
65 (2023) Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 3 Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 43 John Wick: Chapter Four Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 2

65 (2023)

It is a rare and special thing to have an entire movie theater to oneself. My most memorable one was actually with a friend, when we saw a restoration of 2001: A Space Odyssey in an otherwise empty auditorium. I still cannot fathom why only two tickets were sold to such an amazing movie at […]

Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 3

Secretary (2002) The story: A dominant, uptight lawyer (James Spader) employs a self-harming, subservient secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Unconventional true love blooms. Does it make me wanna incorporate anything into my sex life? Lots of sexual relationships originate at work. It’s probably the number one place where people hook up. Most working days (those mundane, hateful […]

John Wick: Chapter Four

“John Wick: Chapter 4” – One thousand assassins dead, a zillion more to go. “Once you kill him, then what?” a friend asks John Wick (Keanu Reeves). Great question. In the never-ending kill-box that is the John Wick universe, that question is the only time the franchise seems to realize that it has yet to […]

Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part 2

Last Tango in Paris (1972) The story: In a cause celebre the Godfather tries a little anonymous humping. Bloody hell, now he’s the Prodfarther. Does it make me wanna incorporate anything into my sex life? “You don’t have a name and I don’t have a name, either,” Brando tells Maria Schnieder early on. “No names […]

Spread Your Legs For Daddy: Part One

Back in my mid-twenties I was in bed with one of those lovely females making sweet love and thinking that life really wasn’t too bad when she clamped her teeth on my ear and half-snarled: “Stick it up me arse!” Now I know some men appear obsessed with snugly traversing a lady’s poo pipe, but […]

Ezra’s Last Minute Oscar Predictions: 2023

Best Picture: Everything Everywhere All At Once ✔ Best Director: Everything Everywhere All At Once- Daniel Scheinert ✔ Best Lead Actor: The Whale- Brendan Fraser ✔ Best Lead Actress: Everything Everywhere All At Once- Michelle Yeoh ✔ Best Supporting Actor: Everything Everywhere All At Once- Ke Huy Quan ✔ Best Supporting Actress: Black Panther: Wakanda […]

Scream VI

“Scream VI” – There are rules here? Oh no. There are no rules here. Prior to watching Scream VI, my family and our neighbors dedicated the weekend to a Scream marathon, dubbed “Scream Saturday.” We managed to watch the first four movies on Saturday and finished the fifth on Sunday. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else […]

The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line is a war movie colossus based on the autobiographical novel by James Jones. The film was universally lauded by critics and nominated for 7 Academy Awards. It also runs for 2 hours and 50 minutes and is loaded with just about every male star you can imagine. This movie is beautifully […]

Cocaine Bear

1 Hour 35 minutes, Rated R for Bear Cubs eating Ray Liotta’s intestines. I am wasted on Cocaine Bear, and Cocaine Bear is wasted on me. It’s like asking a Michelin chef to prepare you a Whopper with cheese. There’s only one criteria for watching this film: Do you want to see a CGI bear […]

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

The Manchurian Candidate is one of the most endlessly fascinating paranoid thrillers ever created. Beginning its life as a 1959 novel by Richard Condon, it was adapted into a classic 1962 film directed by John Frankenheimer, which was subsequently taken out of circulation for 24 years after the assassination of JFK. Despite this quarter of […]

Paths Of Glory (1957)

There are many great anti-war films that have been made. From the greatest and most horrific war movie ever, Come And See, to the preparing for a war already lost in Tigerland, these films are riveting. War is the most cruel, vicious and inhuman of man’s endeavors, but never have such endeavors been foisted upon […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 43

Oh My Goat! What is more memorable than Eraserhead? How about an outrageous parody of the movie? This “Half man, half biscuit is ever bit as off the chain as the movie itself. Just enjoy.

Mr. Queen

General reviewers loved the series, and I think if you watch 20 episodes of this series, you’ll like it too. This series is a mixed genre of comedy and suspense thriller, with a Joseon-era setting that is very entertaining. In the modern era we will be introduced to Bong-Hwan, a handsome chef who has a […]