• The Bible: A Book Review
  • The Trial of the Chicago Seven – A Few Good Men
  • The Legacy Of Silent Film
  • Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States?
  • High On Heels (2020)
The Bible: A Book Review The Trial of the Chicago Seven – A Few Good Men The Legacy Of Silent Film Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States? High On Heels (2020)

The Bible: A Book Review

The Bible is a collection of books that is viewed as some sort of masterpiece by its subscribers because of their fear and confirmation bias. What the Bible really is, is a collection of books that loosely chronicle the history of some primitive and very violent people who by their own coronation, somehow were the […]

The Trial of the Chicago Seven – A Few Good Men

As I write this, it is January 2021. A few days ago, rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, attempting a violent insurrection of the U.S government, fueled at its core by anger, hatred, and lies. That event is still very raw for us, and in some ways, it made watching this movie very uncomfortable. It sparked […]

The Legacy Of Silent Film

When Louis and Auguste Lumiere first showed their short film The Arrival of a Train in 1895, they certainly had no inkling that, almost a hundred years later, it would be the film-within-a-film in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Nor could Carl Theodor Dreyer have suspected that his 1928 feature The […]

Why and how is Donald Trump so popular with half the United States?

The relationship between Donald Trump and his ardent supporters reminds me of that great classic TV show, Amos & Andy. Kingfish is Trump and he is always very convincing and compelling to Andy. Andy represents all of Trump’s die-hard sycophant and supporters, loyal to the end. No matter how outrageous the scheme is, or how […]

High On Heels (2020)

I get several requests every year from indie film makers, inviting me to screen and review their movies. Some of these, like The Road To The Well, are near masterpieces, but most are a total waste of time, being poorly made vanity projects. High On Heels is a well-made 45 minute documentary on a phenomena […]

The ABC’s Of The Ku Klux Klan And Their Updated Motivations

Image Credits This world of ours has seen too much hate being spread, and it is heart-wrenching that instead of making love, we chose to make war (Jason Derulo is extremely displeased!). When we all thought that the Civil War was finally over and that America would smoothly transition towards the Reconstruction Period, out came […]

Diary Of A Serial Killer-aka Rough Draft (1998)

Right from the opening frame of the 1998 straight-to-video thriller Diary of a Serial Killer (aka Rough Draft), it is obviously a cheesy affair. The score, with its heavy saxophone wailing and bombastic drum-machine track, feels more like something from the 80s than the late 90s, and the rest of the movie feels the same way. Our protagonist, […]

Dragged Across Concrete

S. Craig Zahler has been accused, even by those who (rightly) praised his first two features, of harboring a reactionary worldview, and Dragged Across Concrete feels like his response to this criticism in much the same way that The House That Jack Built felt like Lars Von Trier’s response to critics who see his work […]

Donald Trump: The Arrogance Of Power And Lack of Accountability Edition

Congress has officially confirmed the Electoral College victory of Biden and Harris. To all the Trumpers, thugs, evangelicals, preachers and right-wing pundits, where is your God now? How can you not say that this is God’s will, if you believe in that sort of thing? The overwhelming support of Christians for Donald Trump exposes the […]

My Year in Movies – 2020 Edition – Worst. Year. Ever

Here are some quotes that have not aged well, due to 2020 being a rotten asshole of a year. “Luckily, we haven’t gone so far down the rabbit hole that we all can’t sit in a theater and enjoy a film together.” “As usual, and despite the continued predictions that a fill-in-the-blank-enemy will force theaters […]

My Spy: Pet Peeves Edition

One of my wife’s biggest movie pet peeves is when kids are smarter than adults. While some kids are most definitely smarter than some adults, this theme almost always goes way too far when asking you to suspend your disbelief. Home Alone, Rookie of the Year, The Goonies, Spy Kids, Holes, any of the Harry […]

Surprise Dinosaurs Can Make Any Movie Better

On the cult classic animated sitcom The Critic, one of the half-dozen or so fake movie clips recycled in the opening credits throughout the series depicts a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers-style black-and-white ballroom dancing scene suddenly interrupted by a full-color Tyrannosaurus Rex devouring the dancing couple. The show’s protagonist, Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz), responds […]

Sikhs: People Living for War

The Sikhs are not afraid of fights, and the art of combat is an indispensable part of their history. Read the post and learn more about the Sikhs and their famous battles.

Is the US Poker Boom Dead?

Poker is perhaps one of the most strategic games on the casino floor. Poker’s popularity increased manyfold between the 1980s through the early 2000s where casinos installed plush poker rooms to accommodate the massive inflow of enthusiastic punters looking to try their hands at the game. However, the tide has turned at least for now. […]