• Four possible replacements for Steve Bruce at Newcastle United
  • Five Advantages of Casino Bonus Offers
  • The Help
  • Voyagers (2021)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong
Four possible replacements for Steve Bruce at Newcastle United Five Advantages of Casino Bonus Offers The Help Voyagers (2021) Godzilla vs. Kong

Four possible replacements for Steve Bruce at Newcastle United

Newcastle United find themselves in yet another relegation scrap. However, given that Steve Bruce set his side a rather meek target of 38 points this season, it’s no surprise really that the Magpies are fighting tooth and nail for their place in the Premier League next season.  For fans of the club, settling for 38 […]

The Help

The Help is a lot like Crash, The Blind Side, and other presumably well-meaning but largely tone-deaf movies about race that don’t happen to star Sandra Bullock (as a longtime devotee of both Demolition Man and The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down, I have to believe sweet Sandy’s heart is in the right place). However […]

Voyagers (2021)

“Voyagers” – No one can hear you conch in space. I hate Lord of the Flies. I hate the book, I hate the 1963 film adaptation, and I hate the 1990 film adaptation. If I had known Voyagers was Lord of the Flies in space, I might not have wanted to watch Voyagers. They got […]

Godzilla vs. Kong

“Godzilla vs. Kong” – It was everything I thought it could be. This movie is what I have been missing for the past year. Big, loud, dumb blockbusters that promise one thing. Prior to this, Wonder Woman 84 was supposed to be that movie, except not the dumb part. Of course, WW84 turned out to […]

The White Tiger

“Do we loathe our masters behind a facade of loving, or do we love our masters behind a facade of loathing?”  Balram  It is fitting that the first words heard in The White Tiger are spoken by Jay-Z. On the soundtrack as the movie begins is “Beware of the Boys,” Jay’s collaboration with British Indian […]

Invasion U.S.A

Matt Hunter is tired. Once a proud Company Man, and one of the few on the payroll with full beard and bare chest, he’s more a Lion in Winter circa 1985, with nothing left to prove and no arms left to break. Leaving behind a world on the brink, he’s retired to Florida … the […]

I, Frankenstein (2014)

The longer you watch I, Frankenstein, the harder it is to believe that it is an actual theatrical feature and not just a bad TV movie made for the Syfy channel. Despite big-name, reliably good actors like Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, and Miranda Otto, and special effects that, at their best, at least look like […]

Murder, Torture & Religion

Murder and torture are as old as humanity. Ever since man first invented the club, he probably used it to kill another caveman. Murder in the name of religion probably wasn’t very far behind. Overzealous faith has been used as an excuse to torture and kill since the beginning of recorded history. What follows are […]


An early—perhaps, only—highlight in Resident Evil: Code Veronica features a palace sitting below a private residence atop a hill on a southern ocean island facility overrun by the bioengineered monstrosities it helped create. That gothic castle looms in the background, and as you, the player, forge an eventual path toward the perched building, the eerie […]

Animal House (1978)

Animal House is a movie that was not taken seriously when it was made. The expectations were low, and Donald Sutherland, the one big star, (Kevin Bacon’s first movie!) took a paltry lump-sum of $30,000 for his role in the movie. No university or college would let them shoot the movie at their campus until […]

12 Angry Men

In movie jargon, the words “classic” and “masterpiece” are accolades that are tossed around quite a bit. Sometimes they are well deserved, sometimes not, and often the status is indeterminate. In the case of 12 Angry Men, there is no reasonable doubt at all about the verdict. This classic is a masterpiece and one of […]

Five Advantages of Casino Bonus Offers

Unlike brick-and-mortar gambling halls, online casino websites offer a plethora of incredible perks to their players. Besides being reachable anytime and anywhere, they provide innovative casino bonuses beyond simple free drinks during playtime.  The abundance of gambling websites and their promotional offers makes it nearly impossible for players to pick only one offer. Instead, they […]

How to Fix Physxloader.dll Error in World of Tanks Game

Not being able to play World Of Tanks is one of the most severe problems for gamers. This game is one of the best on the web and one of the most demanding. Others can play the game but it will freeze after a certain period of time or lag all the time. In all […]