• Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 6
  • Sint (2010)
  • The Fabelmans
  • Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 5
  • Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 4
Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 6 Sint (2010) The Fabelmans Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 5 Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 4

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 6

Movie: When Time Ran Out “This thing’s a goddamn powder keg!” Preamble: In 2019 a load of day-trippers were killed by a volcanic explosion on a New Zealand island. Oops. But, come on, what do you make of tourists who choose to wander around the rim of an active volcano? I guess I’m doing a […]

Sint (2010)

So, it begins again, the annual Ruthless parade of Christmas Movies. All of the worthwhile classics have long been watched and reviewed, so I have to sift through the scrap-heap of obscure and awful movies, and see what new Christmas movies might appear on the horizon. I am not optimistic. Saint, or Sint is a […]

The Fabelmans

After watching The Fabelmans, I wondered what certain directors’ childhoods might look like. I imagine Martin Scorsese had a nanny who was also a hitman. Baz Luhrmann rarely ate food that wasn’t laced with LSD. George Romero constantly buried his friends on the beach. Quentin Tarantino definitely tortured animals. Stanley Kubrick was the kid in […]

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 5

Movie: The Swarm “Oh, my God! Bees! Bees! Millions of bees!” The Swarm (1978) Preamble: The so-called Master of Disaster Irwin Allen produced two of the sub-genre’s biggest hits in Poseidon and Towering Inferno. Suitably pumped up, it was obviously time to handle the directorial reins himself. In doing so he managed to deliver one […]

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 4

Movie: Avalanche (1978) “I always thought survival meant being king of the mountain.” Avalanche (1978) Preamble: Given the title, can you work out what’s gonna happen? Control freak and shady businessman Rock Hudson, who looks gayer with each passing scene, is busy doing his best to resemble Kim Jong-il’s puppet in Team America: World Police. […]


“Devotion” – Climb just a little higher. Every year there seem to be a pair of movies, sometimes even multiple pairs, that are doppelgangers of each other. Deep Impact and Armageddon. The Prestige and The Illusionist. Or my personal favorite, Turner and Hooch and K-9. Come on – two buddy cop movies where one buddy […]

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 3

Movie: Airport (1975) “You mean, the stewardess is flying the plane?!” Airport 1975 Preamble: Heart attacks regularly pop up in disaster flicks. They’re convenient, can happen at any stress-related time, and are cheap to film. Here a bloke flying a light aircraft is having ticker trouble. Seconds later his twin-engine motorized gnat crashed into a […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 31

Movie: Alien Alien is a horror movie that just keeps on giving. In dramatic dual and harrowing scenes, Ash loses his head…twice. Viewers might have thought that they were through the worst after the iconic chest-bursting scene, but no, there was more horror and bodily fluids yet to come. After a shocking dust-up and unexpected […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 29

Movie: The Terminator The Terminator is one of my favorite movies of all time, and my review reflects that. As far as science fiction action movies it’s up there with the sequel T2, Aliens, The Thing and both Blade Runner movies. This great film is filled to the brim with action and unforgettable one-liners, but […]

The Gleeful Slaughter of Children

Being an ex-teacher, I naturally hate kids. For almost four years I had to endure their relentless energy, selfishness, demands, spite and mediocrity, leaving me with the impression that the average child shares a lot in common with a small, intoxicated, unruly visitor from outer space. Think of a half-cut E.T. kicking your shins and […]

The ABC’s of Christmas (2017)

The ABC’s OF CHRISTMAS (2017) Alcohol– Face it, whether it be the vilest Kosher Wine, Grandmas 90 proof eggnog or just the familiar handle of Jack Daniels, you cannot get through this period without it. Besides, its the biggest holiday of the year, so you can get hammered with a minimum of repercussions. Raise a […]


“Mankind was my business!” -Jacob Marley Also, Please check out all of our always respectful and reverent Christmas Reviews here. The Christmas season has wound down and the reflection begins. We all have our favorite Christmas movie classics, but what about some of those memorable and Ruthless characters that made the movies what they are? […]

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 2

Movie: Earthquake “This used to be helluva town.” Earthquake (1974) Preamble: California sits on the San Andreas Fault, an unfortunate geological fact that saw a few thousand people wiped out in a 1906 quake. Given the growing popularity of disaster flicks, it made perfect sense to depict a monster quake striking the state’s biggest city. […]

Memorable Movie Reflections: The Marx Brothers

Hooray for Captain Spaulding, The African explorer. He brought his name undying fame and that is why we say, Hooray, Hooray, Hooray. Yes, hooray for Captain Spaulding upon his return from the last trip to Africa, complete with entourage (Yes my friends, an entourage is required, even for the terminal mediocrity of today. The intrepid […]