• Stuber
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • The Brand New Testament (2015)
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  • Fortnite Guide (2019): the best tricks and tips for PS4, Switch, One, PC and mobiles
Stuber Spider-Man: Far From Home The Brand New Testament (2015) The Dawn Wall (2017) Fortnite Guide (2019): the best tricks and tips for PS4, Switch, One, PC and mobiles


Didn’t see that one coming. Trailers always elicit an immediate reaction from the viewer in the form of whether or not the viewer will go see the movie. For a trailer for a movie like Stuber, most people will probably think “well, not gonna go see that piece of shit.” I say that because I […]

Spider-Man: Far From Home

I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. The battle against movie piracy has officially gone too far. Typically at advanced screenings, we are asked by security folks to silence or turn off our phones and not get them out during the movie. You know, like literally every movie does at every theater […]

The Brand New Testament (2015)

At Ruthless, all sacred cows are fair game for scrutiny, skepticism and yes, ridicule. From The ABC’s Of Evangelical Christians to awful Christian movies like Saving Christmas or The Case For Christ, we enjoy seeing religion torn down to the stump of stupidity that it is. Bold and satirical movies like The Life of Brian […]

The Dawn Wall (2017)

I have reviewed several mountain climbing movies and documentaries. Most of them are quite good and all are pretty fascinating. Recently I watched The Dawn Wall and then watched Free Solo, which was reviewed by Kevin. The commonalilty shared by individuals who attempt these feats is that they are all more than a little insane. […]

Fortnite Guide (2019): the best tricks and tips for PS4, Switch, One, PC and mobiles

Our Fortnite Guide is the ultimate manual for mastering all aspects of the game, thanks to tips and tricks that will enable you to improve as a player. From how to aim and build better to 100 tricks that will help you win games, through detailed maps or solving all the weekly challenges… and that’s […]

Men in Black: International

M is for mole. For my wife, time travel in a movie kills that movie for her. I get it – time travel solves any problem, undoes any death or event, and, of course, comes with that pesky paradox (if you change the past, you erase the reason for going back to the past to […]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I am not even going to make a pretense of trying to ease this review into some sort of soft landing; one that you have to read before I tell you how I really feel. This latest attempt at a Godzilla movie was horrible, embarrassing and worthy of much cringing. It was worse than anything […]

Avengers: Endgame

At long last. We can finally all breathe. After twenty-two movies, we can finally turn our attention to other films and budding franchises that have been overshadowed by the Marvel behemoth. If you look over there, the DC Extended Universe is still budding and…well…ok – it sucks pretty hard. Joker looks promising based on the […]

Dwayne Johnson Is A Box Office Terrorist

Some dopey fuck watched Die Hard and came to the conclusion that the core ingredients of its success are these three things: a tall building, foot injuries and duct tape. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has one leg. His family is trapped in a burning skyscraper. He uses duct tape to rescue his family on three […]

The Top 10 Most Outrageous YouTube Eating Channels (2019 version)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since the original Top 10 list is over four years old, some things have changed. Things like some of these brave warriors have given up this dangerous folly. Have no fear, however, fresh troops are on the job, and here is an updated Top Ten List of the most outrageous YouTube Eating Channels. […]

The Review of COMEON.COM

Comeon was launched in the year 2010 at Stockholm and later shifted to London where they are to date. Comeon has become the best solution for today’s better. They offer the best packages that suit their needs. They are controlled by the gambling commission and hence believe betting should be fun, authentic and easy. Comeon […]

Four of the Most Intense Onscreen Gambling Scenes of All Time

Good cinema requires three things above all: charismatic characters, a gripping plotline, and action that actually packs a punch. In order for a movie to really engage us, we need to care about what happens onscreen, which is why gambling scenes can work so well as part of the wider story.  Creating some compelling viewing, […]