Mad Max, Mad Masculinity: What Fury Road has to say about manhood


Mad Max doesn’t need….

Mad Max: Fury Road Review


Mad Max: Fury Road Review   Mad Max: Fury Road arrives in cinemas to extinguish the fire of stratospheric expectations, and it does so with gasoline. It is a tale told by a genius, full of sound and other stuff, signifying everything. It is an unprecedentedly satisfying realization of our collective projections about what belongs […]

9 Observations About Avengers 2


Bow And Arrow Man Explains It All.

An Avengers 3 Pitch


The Hulk vs. Existence.


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As you may have noticed, several of us here at Ruthless have a soft spot in our hearts for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and by “soft spot,” I mean that we love watching him deliver cheese-ball one-liners and blow shit up. And you will certainly have heard by now that Arnold is about to reprise his role […]

Quest For Bush (Night of Bush Capturing) Review


Oh, W.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


Embrace the meaninglessness.

Ex Machina


It’s a Bluebeard fairy tale for the 21st century. Ex Machina is an excellent locked door intrigue, a cold and thrilling cyberpunk noir.

Language of the Unheard

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The original article can be viewed on Patheos here By now, almost everyone is acquainted with the story of Freddie Gray’s inexcusable death, a mysterious occurrence that took place while Gray was in custody of Baltimore police. This tragedy– a word I’ve grown weary of reciting but is nonetheless applicable– sadly adds to the ever-burgeoning […]

THE ABCs OF BBQ-Smoking the meat edition

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VERSES OF BBQ Salvations 1:1 Verily,verily I say unto thee, an open flame shall not touch thy cooking flesh or thine days will be numbered before you are cast into the lake of ire. Goatesians 1:2-4 The only way to the BBQ is with the meat. It is blasphemous and very naughty in my wholly […]