• The 1939 movie year: First in a series.
  • The Gentlemen
  • Portrait Of A Lady On Fire
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The 1939 movie year: First in a series. The Gentlemen Portrait Of A Lady On Fire Troop Zero Beginners Guide to Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The 1939 movie year: First in a series.

A recent question on Jeopardy reminded me 1939 was a banner year for the release of the greatest number of quality films ever in a single year. Most were the product of the studio system. I will briefly discuss some of my favorites, starting with my favorite film genre, the Western. Jesse James ( “He […]

The Gentlemen

Travel well indeed. Guy Ritchie needed a win. After the success of his two Sherlock Holmes films in 2009 and 2011, people largely ignored the very good The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015), King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) was an unmitigated disaster, and the Aladdin remake (2019) was a pile of shit that was […]

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a French film written and directed by Celine Scaimma. If ever a movie exhibits the concept of every frame being a painting, this is the one. After seeing Call Me By Your Name, I never thought that I would see a love story as touching and mesmerizing, but […]

Troop Zero

A tale of two movies. Sitting next to each other, in the same theater on the same night, my wife and I saw two entirely different movies. I saw a heartwarming movie with adorable, courageous kids, a solid story, and a tight running time that kept the film from meandering. My wife saw a jumbled, […]

Bad Boys for Life

So this is what death throes look like. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was a little too talkative one day during math class. My teacher told me stay after the bell rung, and, once everyone else had left the room, told me I could not leave until I acted like a […]

Some Myths About Drugs

[NOTE: Also check out The ABC’s Of The Opioid Crisis] Hey everyone! my name is Devin, and here at Ruthless we have come to love nay-saying the fuck out of everything. So in that spirit, I want to dispel some myths about narcotic abuse. This is my cute way of saying that I used to […]


Do you smell something? It seems almost unfair to write about Dolittle. Why on Earth would a movie with a $175 million budget and starring Robert Downey Jr. be opening in the armpit of the Hollywood calendar known as January? All the kids are back in school, almost everyone blew all of their spending money […]

Dark Waters

The French born Chemist E. I. du Pont arrived in the United States on January 1st 1800, a symbolic date for several reasons. (Aaron Burr came within a hair’s breadth of becoming president in the election of that year). In 1802 he established a factory in Wilmington Delaware to manufacture gun powder, using the improved formula of […]

Ford v. Ferrari: A Final Look

The first thing you notice about Ford v Ferrari is the sound, even before the first frame of picture. The telltale sound of motor racing. Cars speeding by. The Doppler effect, changes of perspective, gears changing, the sound of breaks, wheels on the track. The crowds. Sounds there throughout the racing scenes. Sound that puts […]

My Year in Movies – 2019 Edition

One is the loneliest number. The previous two years, I have repeated the same opening paragraph in my year-end review – ending the paragraph wondering how aliens hadn’t yet put us out of our misery – and I thought about doing it again. It still applies. Horrible things continue to happen, too many people are […]

Another Look At Some Of The Significant Films Of The Past Decade

The last decade has given the film viewer a tidal wave of sewage in the form of endless remakes, sequels, and a combination of the two with comic book superhero movies. It is just the way the film industry’s way of saying, we’re bereft of imagination and are willing to pander to vulgar tastes of […]


Can you handle the truth? If you are into war movies, there are two major ones from which to get your fix. By now, you probably already saw Midway and, depending on what city you live in, might have seen 1917 as well. If not, you are waiting with bated breath for January 10 to […]

Playing the Witcher: Help Your Geralt Have Some Fun

The following post was written by Yev, who manages content writing for SlotsUp – Best Online Slots and Casino Reviews. The Witcher. The game, where you dress up only to spend the night with the sorceress and elude the main quest to collect all Gwent cards and clear out every question mark on the map […]

Beginners Guide to Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

It is thrilling to see the glamour and glitz online casinos now offer to their players. However, there’s another reason why players keep coming back for more- bonuses. When you register on an online casino website, most of the time, you’ll get some kind of bonus for joining and even more of those will become […]

NFL Conference Championship: Send In The Clowns Edition

Well *yawn* another sweep. I haven’t done any year-end totals yet but my unofficial scratchpad math has us somewhere in the neighborhood of 52-26, 4 out of 5 on futures and props, and $347 to Save the Hampton House. We mostly do self-deprecation around here but if another handicapper has a comparable record – free […]