• Rush Limbaugh Is Dying: Good Riddance
  • Barton Fink (1991)
  • Fargo
  • The Doorman
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Rush Limbaugh Is Dying: Good Riddance Barton Fink (1991) Fargo The Doorman O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Rush Limbaugh Is Dying: Good Riddance

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rush Limbaugh, a hate-spewing gasbag who was somehow honored by our racist imbecile Idiot-In-Chief with The Presidential Medal Of Freedom…has terminal lung cancer, and will die soon. Scratch that, he will, and in his own hateful words, “Assume Room Temperature”. There will be no sympathy from me, or from anyone at Ruthless at […]

Barton Fink (1991)

Barton Fink is one of my favorite Coen Brothers films. This assessment is not shared by many, Coen Brothers fans or not. This is easy to understand, as Barton Fink is one of the Coen’s most enigmatic works of art. To this day the Coen Brothers have chosen to not explain the film, and years […]


THIS IS A TRUE STORY.  The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987.  At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it “occurred.” With these words Joel and Ethan Coen open their unassailable masterpiece (one […]

The Doorman

“The Doorman” – A poor man’s, poor man’s Die Hard. As we continue to go without any major movie releases (with the exception of Tenet), there is still a small trickle of low-budget films being released to video on-demand (VOD). Typically, these movies tend to fall into the category of really shitty sequels to films […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” – The second best Odyssey ever. My editor tasked us with reviewing the Coen Brothers’ films and, since I’d rather read Twilight novels than sit through almost their entire filmography, I volunteered to re-watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the one film of theirs worth watching more than once. Yeah, […]

4 Misconceptions People Have About Landlords

Landlords are often vilified by the general public. They’re treated as evil, greedy people with dollar signs in their eyes. To hear some people talk, they’re basically “subhuman.” But here’s the deal with stereotypes: They’re often wrong, misguided, and exaggerated. And if you’ll take the time to hear us out, we’ll explain why landlords aren’t […]

True Grit

1 Hour 50 Minutes, PG-13 for maiming and violence. Fair Value of True Grit: $15.00. Because you can’t watch Sergio Leone all the time, this tale of Prairie Justice is one of the better of modern westerns. In many ways it is the perfect balance of the comedic and the dark aspects of Coen Brother’s […]

The ABC’s Of Halloween

Alcohol– Like any other holiday that we Americans celebrate, Halloween is just another good excuse to get hammered. I mean, why should the kiddies have all the fun? The urchins wreck their pancreases with a sucrose overload, so why can’t you destroy your liver with ethanol? Quid Pro Quo, right? Black Cats– Halloween is rich […]

King Rat (1965)

In wartime, it is not always the highest ranked individuals that run the show. Oftentimes, like with Ex-PFC Wintergreen and Corporal Milo Minderbinder in Heller’s masterpiece Catch-22, it is the most cunning and resourceful who are in charge. George Segal stars in his best performance ever in writer/director Bryan Forbes’s 1965 adaptation of James Clavell’s […]

The Bridge On The River Kwai

There are war movies and there are more war movies, but I do not hesitate to state that The Bridge on the River Kwai is as unique as it is excellent. Within the huge category of war movies, we have many about prisoners of war, and the inevitable nightmares and madness of horrific situations brought […]

Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence Of Arabia is David Lean’s 1962 epic that won 7 Oscars, but of course, not the one that counted for the always overlooked Peter O’Toole. His resume includes Doctor Zhivago, Bridge On The River Kwai, and other classics. His masterpiece, of course, is Lawrence Of Arabia, an almost 4 hour long bum-numbing epic without […]

A Face In The Crowd (1957)

A Face In The Crowd made me sick. I hated everything about it. I wanted to reach through the flatscreen and punch Andy Griffith’s grinning mug. Why? Because every minute of this movie reminded me of our sitting Idiot In Chief, Donald Trump. This movie was made in 1957 and was as white as Wonder […]

Can I Learn The Violin At The Age Of 40?

You may have doubts about your music ability because you are at the age of 40. The good news is that childhood is not the only time an individual can learn a music instrument. Your adult brain can form new synapses that can help you in your learning process. As such, you can learn to […]

Is A Smart Scale Worth the Money?

When it comes to health and keeping fit, a smart scale is a good way to help you achieve this goal. One may ask themselves what smart scales are? Well, this type of scale is a smart device that can track data about your body and store it in an internet-based system. This system can […]

What Ukranian Women Expect From Relationships With Foreigners

Introduction Dating and marrying Ukrainian women has many benefits. You’ll be marrying a woman that meets your marriage requirements. She’ll be a beauty queen, a family-oriented woman, a good homemaker, and an excellent cook. She’ll also be a great teacher to your kids. You’ll be marrying her and these are the roles she’d play in […]

Famous After His Time: Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime. He titled it The Red Vineyards at Arles, and for his efforts, he received 400 francs, roughly the equivalent of $2000 today. The fact that he only sold one painting (he had traded others among fellow artists) stands in stark contrast to the fact that […]