The Race And Class Election Puzzle, Solved By A Guy Who Loves Seagal Movies.

Maybe I’m an idiot. I lost thousands betting against Trump and I’ve seen Marked For Death at least 20 times. But…

Casino Games Have Become Much More Interactive Since The Mobile Casino Age

The mobile age has come with a number of trends and changes on board. One of the trends we are seeing involves how games are played on the internet. Games have become more interactive than ever. On the other hand, game developers have made sure that the technology which they use to create these games […]

Great Cocksmen of the American Presidency (Who Are Not Bill Clinton)

Finally, a list without Jimmy Carter.

Confession Of A Cat Murderer

Call the cops or Sarah McLachlan or whomever is in charge of keeping the heads on stray cats; this is happening

Poker Machines One of Australias Favourite Pastimes

Even if youve never actually played one, the chances are that you know all about slot machines. The bright lights, clinking of coins and fast paced action are all essential ingredients of a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and serve as the backdrop to many wild nights. There are plenty of slots fans […]

The ABCs of Breakups

Sex Memories: The only worthwhile wreckage from a dramatic split are those moments, etched in your gray matter, of tangled limbs, colliding…

Why I’m A Free Speech Absolutist

Why I’m A Free Speech Absolutist Americans pretty much believe in our First Amendment. Unlike many others in the West, a shrinking majority of us think you should never go to jail for writing a book or sharing a picture of some graffitior getting heated up on Twitter. Score one for us. USA! USA! But […]

Happy Sniper’s Day

From the Editor: We get lots of mail, and hate mail too, which we love. Here is a response from a real military man that I thought would be worthy of publishing. Guy D. McCardle, Jr. is the author of several articles on a wide variety of military related topics. Guy is a former Army […]

How To Deal With Conservative/Paranoid Facebook Friends

Facebook is pretty much the Gettysburg of the internet culture war. It’s the epicenter of binary bloodshed. Houses are divided, attacks are vicious, and no matter what happens, you will see body parts you wish you hadn’t. We can’t help it. Even the wussiest amongst us are embolden by the internet. I think Sir Friendzone […]

The 7 Types of Addicts You Meet Working in a Pharmacy

I Spilled My Meds Down the Sink (odd how this never happens with antibiotics), My Meds Got Stolen, You Must Have Miscounted,