7 Best Apps for Movies, Music, and TV Shows

With the development of applications, you can be able to watch on-demand movies, music, and TV shows at the comfort of your smartphone. While there are many factors to consider before settling on an application that suits your watching needs, a better application is one that allows you to save offline content in the most […]

Still Mad About Game of Thrones? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Even if you’re the world’s biggest Game of Thrones fan, you probably weren’t thrilled about the final season. Many optimistic and casual fans expressed positive sentiments about the eighth and final season last year, but still preferred the show’s earlier seasons. Other, more engrossed fans, were utterly dismayed at their perception of the show’s bad […]

Picard (Season 1)

Film Title

Picard (Season 1)


Star trip.


Created by: Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon, Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman


Patrick Stewart
Isa Briones
Harry Treadway
Michelle Hurd
Alison Pill
Santiago Cabrera
Peyton List
Evan Evagora
Brent Spiner
Jonathan Frakes
Marina Sirtis
Jeri Ryan

Make it no. A few weeks ago, we introduced our son to Star Trek by way of a pinball machine. The machine included audio dialogue clips from Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness and he was instantly curious to watch them. As of today, he has seen all of the so-called Kelvin trilogy […]

Why has Nobody Made a Game of Thrones Open World RPG Yet?

With HBO’s epic medieval fantasy Game of Thrones now in its final season, dedicated fans are already getting worried about the withdrawals they’re going to be dealing with when it comes to an end. This certainly won’t be the last we see of Westeros, as there are numerous spin-offs reportedly in the pipeline. But, just […]

Binge-Watch: Netflix’s Mindhunter

A gloomy October weekend can only mean one thing: it’s time to curl up on the couch with a tasty beverage and get ready for a good, old-fashioned Binge-Watch! For this edition, I’ve just powered through all 10 episodes of Netflix’s new psychological thriller series, Mindhunter. Let me just get this out there right now: […]

Ranking The 12 Sexiest Characters From Taboo

Everyone knows the world’s sexiest people lived in 19th century Britain.

America’s Next Top Nazi

Who will be elevated from obscurity and failure and be declared… America’s Next Top Nazi?

Many TV shows turning to PC games

Given our range of gaming platforms it was inevitable that we would get some well-known shows and series making the transition from TV to PC. They have a large audience, much loved characters and avid fans, widening the brand is a wise move. Of course, we already had many games that were adapted to console […]

Binge-Watch: Netflix’s Stranger Things

Guess what time it is? Time to binge-watch, baby! If you’re looking for a new show to occupy your free time this summer, I highly recommend Netflix’s newest original series, Stranger Things. Created and written by Matt and Ross Duffer, it’s an 80s nostalgia fest and a sci-fi thriller – sort of like a modern […]

Horace And Pete Review

A comedy with a black, miserable heart.