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Classics & Hitchcock

Here at Ruthless, we are famous for 80’s Action and Christmas Movie Reviews. One genre that is seriously underrepresented at Ruthless is the classics. Movies with dialogue that pops and sizzles, and with great acting and character development. As the movie houses remain shuttered because of the pandemic, Ruthless Reviews will carry on and review movies from another era. There are many classic directors, but Hitchcock was probably the best ever.

The above photograph of Hitchcock pointing to the house of murder in Psycho is a perfect illustration of Hitchcock and his films. He knew how to make them and he knew how to sell ’em. His theatrical trailer for Psycho is proof of this. He knew his audience, and he understood how to manipulate them in the emotional journey that is a movie. He controlled every aspect of his films, the look, the sound, even to how they were advertised and exhibited.

He created a visual narration through cutting and montage to capture the attention and emotion of the viewer. Francois Truffaut called him the Shakespeare of cinema. He was and is, The Master. -John Welsh