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Ruthless Reviews was founded in 2003 or maybe 2004. Though originally focused on pet-friendly bed and breakfasts and regional art and craft fairs, Ruthless quickly shifted its coverage to movies, TV, music, politics and “miscellaneous.” The site accidentally obtained popularity by focusing on 1980’s action movies and Scandinavian heavy metal. Really! We also review current movies and television and mix in the occasional bizarre rant about some fragment of detritus from our doomed culture. Ruthless is also becoming famous for the ABCs Rants and contrarian Christmas Reviews.

Plexico Gingrich:

Plexico is the site’s co-founder and Editor In Chief. He has an unhealthy fixation on Rocky and Columbo. He is good at betting on boxing. He is OK at playing poker. That’s why he moved to Sin City: Provo, Utah. Follow him:@ruthlessreviews

Francis Co:

Francis Co is from some third world hellhole. He’s never told us, and we haven’t figured out where yet. He wishes to parlay contributions on Ruthless Reviews into asylum when calls for his head grow loud. Contact Francis Co @salazarfromafar


Matt is the site’s Senior Critic and chief misanthrope. The backbone of the site and by far its most prolific writer, he is just as prepared to discuss the finer points of Bergman’s oeuvre as he is to discuss a pile of crap from Oprah or the latest DTV releases on offer at Redbox. Follow him:@mattcale52

L. Ron Mexico:

Ron is one of the foremost poop cleaners in the city of New Orleans. He covers everything from Twilight movies to police dicks. Follow him:@LRonMexico

Dave Franklin:

Dismayed by the state of the post-2000 cinema, Dave Franklin hasn’t visited a movie house in more than a decade. He can usually be found in a dingy room dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, pining for the lost days of the 70’s cinema. Saying that, he will visit you for an appropriate fee to read excruciating excerpts from his more than a dozen novels.

Bartholemew Cobb:

Bart Cobb’s work had been featured in such haughty publications as: the margins of dentist office magazines, the guestbooks at weddings of people he didn’t know so well, and the (now defunct) Jane’s Quarterly of Military Second-Guessing by Non-servicemen. A South Louisiana native, he is a grizzled xenophobe utterly incapable of accepting the inclusion of half the states into the Union, (he sports a tattoo on his right arm reading “Burn, Oregon, Burn.”) Despite this, he’s known locally as a talented Jazz Harpist, having studied under the greatest impresario in the game, Tommy “Fast Fingers” Sallutro. He’s had three wives, all of whom still live with him, which is why he spends so much time in his office pretending to write.


Goat is retired, but comes out of his lair to write his beloved Christmas Classic Reviews. The Old Man is now focusing on ABC Rants and a few movie reviews to contribute something to society before he checks out.
Follow him:@cosmicstargoat

J.J. Duquesne:

J.J. is a big-shot New York City attorney, and he loves football, A LOT. He joined our team recently and been a huge shot in the femur since Dick forgot how to write. He will be writing a weekly column on Football and might include some betting tips, so pay attention.


Kevin is a cyber security engineer who somehow managed to become a bonafide movie critic – joining the Denver Film Critic Society in 2016 – despite being that guy that screening reps are afraid to ask “so, what’d you think of the movie?” Oh, he’ll tell you alright, but it might take thousands of words to do it.


George holds the world record for having pissed off the most game journos in a single post. You can read more of his insane ramblings about digital playthings or follow him on Twitter.

Todd Gack:

Todd is an ex-con and the Midwest’s preeminent journalist covering the dog sitting industry. He is our man on the scene for country fairs, bottom level MMA promtions and Motley Crue concerts.

Mike Von Hobart:

Mike has 4 skills in life- drinking, reviewing black metal, being unemployed, and general uselessness. He writes about 2 pieces a year, focusing on either Seagal or black metal, giving the people what they want. Mike actually wrote a book called “Boring Story and other stories” (no, I’m not kidding) that is terrible, but fortunately only 64 pages long. You can buy it here at Amazon.


Alex is an actual medical doctor. Really. At a hospital and everything. We don’t know what he’s doing here, but he writes good reviews, particularly of documentaries.


Vandel has a BS in Engineering from a UC, an MS in Math from a Cal State, and a PhD in watching terrible movies and slowly going insane. Years of intermittent alcoholism and constant video game playing have warped his mind to the point that he likes any movie that features nude women and/or people getting shot in the face. Except for Schindler’s List, which was kind of a downer. Follow him:@Vandel103

Devon Pack:

Devon takes on the movies people actually care about and the odd classic. That’s good. He has served as a political campaign consultant in the Pacific Northwest, like Ted Bundy. That’s bad. He’s also an author and lawyer who lives on a farm, like Thomas Jefferson. That’s good. Devon contains potassium benzoate… Follow him:@DevoPac

Miguel Sancho:

Part-time engineering student, part-time postal worker, full-time failure man, Miguel Sancho hopes to escape one day from his native Spain, probably by means of an alcohol related death. He focuses on sleazy, mysoginistic, violent Italian crime movies. Follow Miguel at@miguelojsancho


Wax’s output is unfortunately Von Hobartian in frequency, but unlike Hobart, he actually has a life, a job, and responsibilities, though that doesn’t prevent him from watching hours of TLC freak shows. Also, we need someone who isn’t white.


An actual working journalist, he uses Ruthless because real publications don’t have any interest in 50,000-word essays the corruption in the NFL.


Sarah is a prominent college football booster who purchased a record 85,000 tickets to the policeman’s ball on behalf of the Vick brothers. She is also a minority owner of The New Jersey Devils. However, she remains frustrated in her primary endeavor: to acquire the rights to the Predator franchise.

Follow her: @SallyMcSurly

Ian Pishko:

Ian is very handsome and a rumored Communist. Guess which one of those things makes him stick out around here. When not slaying ladies/the oppressors of humanity, he writes for us about podcasts, among other things.

Melissa Fraser:

Melissa is a freaking lawyer in real life. She descended from Canada to help those who cannot help themselves, thwart the police and attend key parties. Now, the next time someone threatens us with a bogus lawsuit, we can do threaten them with a bogus counter-suit! Melissa unfortunately died last year. R.I.P.


Al lives in Singapore and is the subject of several fascinating documentaries covering the long-term effects of drinking petrol as a child. He was nearly cast to play Hermione Granger in the first entry of the Harry Potter series, but missed out at the final audition due to being fifteen years too old, and male.

John Welsh

When I was young, cinema was my religion and the theater was my church. No matter how bad new releases may appear, my faith endures. I have worked in movie post-production, production, as a story analyst, property master, script supervisor; just about anything that is required in low budget, nonUnion

Ezra Stead

Ezra Stead sits in darkened rooms and stares at screens. He is also a projectionist. In addition, he writes stories, songs, and movie reviews.

Mas Bouzidi

Mas is a filmmaker and student in New York City, and the world’s fiercest hater of Forrest Gump. It is said he has burned over eighty DVD copies of the film. He enjoys films featuring Clint Eastwood with a handgun, growling outdated one-liners. He also loves spaghetti westerns and a good 60s genre movie. He writes a fistful of reviews at Ruthless.


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